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9 2003 Ohlasy a názory česky
obálka čísla

Since my last letter a number of month ago - we received some good rain, which really helped the crops -- cotton and maize (this is not corn) which is a grain used to make starch, imitation sugar to feed the cattle.

It is beeing harvested now. The cotton is starting to pop and will soon be picked.

We had a Sokol slet here and also a state meeting of Texas Czech Heritege Society.

The Texas farm agents had their annual meeting here and Sokol members baked 90 dozen lolaches for them. We are having very hot weather -- like you had in July.

I visited The Czech Republic during July and saw how people suffered without air conditioning.

The day I visited Tyrsuv Dům it was 35 °C and it was "MOC HORKO".

The Czechs in Texas had a nice visit by prime minister Vladimir Spidla who visited Houston. A number of receptions were held for him and his party.

Our schools will be starting middle of August -- so the parents will have a few hours rest each day!

If any one plans to visit south Texas and wants some information, get in touch with the editor of The Czech Dialogue and she will give you my address.

This will be all for now -- hope to write again next month.


Jerry Elzner, Corpus Christi

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