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2 2003 Ohlasy a názory English
obálka čísla

young enthusiastic teacher of Czech language called Radan Kapucian follows up a herritage of Jan Amos Komensky known as "School as a Game". He cheers up his students by means of a various funny language quizes and makes their little hads think about difficult questions in tests, on which they are prepared beforehand. He teaches not only in the Czech Republic but also in foreign countries. More or less he works as a volunteer, without any demands on reward, just for "board and lodging". (He taught for example in Ukraine, so it's obvious that these conditions must have been sufficient for him. He would like to go somewhere else to spread our beautiful Czech language.

f you are interested in meeting with this young man in your surroundings, or eventually in course for your children and grandchildren, don't hesitate to contact our editorial office. Today, we chose quite a difficult test (­?) for you from his output. We will send a nice book or a cassette with Czech songs to everyone who would like to

Winter test of general knowledge for students of Czech language (and not only for them)

Read your assignment carefully before you start to answer!

When was Konstantin and Metoděj invited to come to the Great Moravia (Velká Morava)?

What did Smil Flaška z Pardubic write?

When did Jeroným Pražský recall his teachings?

Could king Charles IV. meet Petr Parléř?

Who is the author of this quotation: "...we have been here before Austria and we will be here even after it."?

Who discovered America for the Europeans?

Who is the author of "Jerry from Islands", "Martin Eden" and "The Rover Star"?

Could Josef Kajetán Tyl participate on Prague uprising?

Vydavatelem Českého dialogu je Mezinárodní český klub

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