Katerina Dehning: Going behind the date line - where tommorow is already yesterday

Venda Šebrlová 11 2013 Knihy česky


The author obtained permission from her husband to pick a destination to where the family would travel. Bruce had obtained from his university a 4-months study vacation and there were several conditions: The destination was not to be in Northern America ( it is very well known). Also it was not to be somewhere where there is bad weather ( e.g. England.} Daughter Michaela did not want to go to any country that required new vaccination, so that eliminated  South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Then she left out  countries that were at war and where America was not very popular. Thus they concentrated on Australia. Bruce wrote to the universities in Sydney and in Melbourne where they offered him accommodations and the family started to pack.


The trip started at New Zeeland a year after the city of Christchurch was devastated by a tragic earthquake. While reading the book you will probably keep looking at a small map at the beginning of the book and finally you will pull out an atlas. You will need it!


Their travels in Australia only increased my love for this continent. I probably won’t make it there in this life, but this book strengthened my enchantment. You will find in it practical advice as well as a description of many places and of meeting friendly people.


Of course you will compare this book to Eva Strizovskys book U nas v Klokanii. She traveled for the purpose of meeting interesting people of Czech origin (she has been doing this for a long time). Katerina is looking at the country as a tourist. Both books are actually an admiration of a country full of surprising views: primeval forest, most civilization concentrated at the beaches, dangerous deserts. Nothing else will strengthen friendship as much as kindness combined with deadly danger. Both authors write about this and they are very skilled  in keeping the reader riveted to the book .


Where else in the world can you find an official traffic sign: ”If you drink and drive, you are an awful idiot” or: ” You are in Australia, so drive on the left.” Or “Of you get behind the protective fence, you will die.”  One day you are in a primeval forest, the next day you find yourself in a modern metropolis with a McDonald and with stores selling luxury items.


Both writers agree that Australian people are kind, helpful, friendly, always smiling and ready to help. Katerina Dehning had a similar experience in Bali which she visited with her family for a few days. After all Australia is very close to Indonesia.


When the Dehnings were coming back to Los Angeles, Bruce remarked  that they had visited a very pleasant part of the world with lovely people- he meant all of Oceania.” “Why don’t we go there more often?””


Published by Lidove noviny.


Venda Sebrlova

Translated by Marie Dolansky,

Katka Dehning with Eva Strizovska on the photo


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