On Behalf of their Homeland

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Fifty Years of Czechoslovak Society for Arts and Sciences

Miloslav Rechcigl

Praha, Academia, 2012

A unique book originally written in English by one of the longstanding activists and Presidents of the exile Society for Arts and Sciences (SVU) Miloslav Rechcigl Jr.(*1930) in Mlada Boleslav, about a unique global organization which accomplished a great deal in promoting Czechoslovakia and its succession states in the world. The Society was founded in 1958 by Czech and Slovak intellectuals abroad who were forced to leave their country of birth after the violent communist takeover in 1948. The activities of this Society which reflect the love and devotion of Czechs and Slovaks to their homeland and which constitute an integral part of Czech and Slovak cultural history, were taking place mostly in the United States, but the Society has gradually expanded its sphere of action – through its local groups-even to countries of Western Europe and to Australia.

Miloslav Rechcigl documents in his book, which combines the virtue of meticulous historic work with eyewitness testimony of one of the most important participants of the discussed events and describes all important happenings and activities of the Society for future historians while providing an insight into reasons for the Society’s important decisions. The book also includes a rich pictorial documentation but also text appendices, for example greetings from the US Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.



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