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With respect to the Bill on the Institute for Documentation of the Totalitarian Regime

The Parliament of the Czech Republic is currently debating a proposed bill on the establishment of an Institute for Documentation of the Totalitarian Regime. The purpose of the Institute, according to the proposed bill, should be documentation, scientific research, collection and analysis of documents and making them available to qualified applicants. What is involved is the future administration, filing and processing archival materials of investigative and operative units of the StB and some other security organs of the Communist regime. The Director of the Institute is to be elected by the Parliament.
The Democratic Club welcomes this proposal. We believe that, though the recent law allowing access to archival materials is an important and correct step in the right direction; only unbiased analytical processing will make it possible for the society as a whole to better understand the functioning of the repressive factors of the totalitarian communist regime. It will also create groundwork for a real resolution of the important aspect of the communist past as well as minimize the probability of its resurgence. The Institute will be analogous to the Federal Office for Documents of the Stasi in Germany, the Institute of National Memory in Poland and similar units in several other countries. Their activities have already had consequential results. We also support bringing the Institute under authority of the Parliament. We believe that this will ensure the security of the archival materials, their necessary mutual interconnectivity and higher objectivity than if the Institute were under the control of the Executive.
The Democratic Club thus urges the members of the Parliament and the Senators to vote for the proposed bill. April 26, 2002

For the Democratic Club: Zdeněk Pavlík (president), Jan Friedlaender, Radovan Jelínek, Vladimír Šust (members of the executive committee)

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