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Weighs 1400 tons and is 17,000 sq. ft large.

Thousands around the world will be able to view the move and relocation of the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library (NCSML) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, now that two webcams have been installed near the construction site. After successfully raising $25 million, the museum and library broke ground and began construction Dec. 15, 2010. Last year, the board of directors of the NCSML decided to move the 1400-ton structure and elevate it three feet above the 2008 flood level. A 30,000 sq. ft. expansion will provide room for additional exhibition galleries, collection storage, a theatre, enlarged programming space, and a museum store.

A crew from Patterson Structural Movers of Washington, IA, has already begun to weld 100 ft beams used in the relocation. Once beams and jacks are in place, the building will move Ľ mile per hour to its new location across the street. The entire move will take 45-60 days beginning in April.

According to IASM (International Association of Structural Movers) it is the largest museum ever moved. A link to the live webcams may be found on the museum and library's home page at the upper right hand corner of the screen.

One Arecont Vision camera, installed on the museum's clock tower on Sixteenth Avenue SW, provides a south view, while the other camera is located on a west side utility pole. Both cameras are recording one frame per second. "The two high definition cameras were necessary to get a close up view of the museum being moved off its current foundation. Once the building is turned, the west camera will allow for viewing the elevation and positioning on top of the parking garage," said President/ CEO Gail Naughton of the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library.

Sound Concepts of Cedar Rapids installed the stationary fixed cameras that communicate to a wireless transmitter. The NCML's Kosek building at 87 Sixteenth Ave. SW, houses the wireless receiver and the NAS (network attached storage) recorder. The video programs will be used to illustrate the history of the museum, the relocation, and flood mitigation efforts. In addition to viewing the live action, cameras are also recording the relocation of the building for production of a time-lapse video of the move at a later time.

The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library, located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is the leading United States institution preserving and interpreting Czech and Slovak history and culture.

We're Open! Rising Above: The Story of A People and The Flood New permanent exhibit in the NCSML's Kosek Building 87 Sixteenth Avenue SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404

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