Howdy from Texas/Jak se máš?

11-12 2010 Ostatní English
obálka čísla

For several month the author traveled through middle, east and south Texas, she visited places, where descendats of Czech immigrants live. She observed very closely the living conditions and was listenning to the stories of their ancestors, and their arrival and their begonnings on Texas. She stayed at the homes of many Czechs, listened to oldtimers and also representatives of the young generation. She researched many papers and documents that deals with that subject.

The phenomenon of building new lives in a new country, thousands of miles away from their native land in the unique state, state of Texas so impress her, that she keeps returning to Texas again. She has gott a new experiences for her book.

The book is bilingual, both in Czech and English - very handy for students of these languages. The book contained many photos.

Publication was published in June 2009 with opportunity Conference of Society of science and art in Texas.

Other part of the book is preparing now for print. There is also a chapter of Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa - some state of The Great Plains.

You can see the cover of the book on the page 24.

You can order both books on the address of this magazine (page 48.). Price to oversee is 15 US postage included.

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