The Twenty Years Young Czech Dialogue

11-12 2010 Ostatní English
obálka čísla

About twenty years ago a courageous woman decided to found a new journal. There were many such individuals, and many various publications disappeared later from our lives. There was only one magazine that was created by a newspaperwoman which grew into adulthood and its founder was Eva Strizovska.

I have had the honor to know and write for the Czech Dialogue for many years.

Not everyone who has eyes can actually see. (An Armenian proverb.)

Petr Rada, a newsman gave the journal its name, but its soul came from Eva Strizovska. The pages of the journal had to be filled with words.

A word will not fly without wings. (A Vietnam proverb.)

After the first issue was published, Eva obtained 37 subscribers. She did everything: writing articles,, copying, lugging papers, arguing with distributors, asking for support and telephoning everyone. And she learned to keep the journal and herself going.

Speak the truth even if the sky is falling down. (A Syrian proverb.)

The Czech Dialogue published interviews with all sorts of people- presidents, politicians, lawyers, artists and Czechs from all over the world. Many smart and hard-working folks left the Czech Republic, but their hearts stayed behind! They told us about their beginnings in other parts of the world and their stories filled the pages of our journal.

Even a wise man errs seven times a day. (An Italian proverb.)

There are many of us who visit the editorial office- some come often, some only seldom. We also have an International Czech Club that meets regularly at the City Library. Eva bought herself at IKEA a shopping cart on wheels which she uses to go to and from the post office to transport copies of the Czech Dialogue. If we are the wise ones then Eva Strizovska must be the one who made mistakes in her thinking.

She thought that:

  • each day has 50 hours
  • she does not need to sleep
  • the postage stamps for letters are more important than her food
  • the authors remember the deadlines for submitting articles
  • she can write ten missing pages of a manuscript in one hour
  • he can pay for graphic work, printing and mailing from her own retirement
  • her will is stronger than the world economic crisis.

We thank it very much.

Venda Sebrlova
Translated by Marie Dolanska

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