Czech or Moravian costumed dolls

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obálka čísla

We would like to offer you costumed dolls manufactured by Lidova tvorba Uhersky Brod. These products continue a long tradition of the regional art. Local dressmakers', embroiderers' and doll dressers' creativity and sense of beauty have bequeathed to us real riches in the form of beautiful national costumes. The costumes from the sunny and fertile lands along the Morava River for example have rich embroideries, frilly sleeves, and ribbons, while the highland costumes are plainer and simpler. Whichever part of the country the costumes hail from, our dolls have one thing in common. They represent the folk art, which has been preserved for generations, they rouse admiration and attract attention by their freshness of colour and variety of shape which charms any person who is able to perceive beauty.

From history

The co-op Lidová tvorba Uherský Brod was established on 30th November 1936. Traditional, typical Moravian-Slovak products of folk art have always been in demand, not just on the home market, but especially abroad. As early as the second year of its existence the company won the gold medal at the Folk Costume Exhibition of Moravian Slovakia in Uherské Hradiště, and in the same year it was awarded a silver medal at the World Exhibition in Paris. In 1940 the company also took part in an international exhibition in New York. Then the company's products were already known in the Netherlands, Belgium, the U.S. A., Denmark, Switzerland, Scandinavian countries and in Lithuania as well. When the co-op was founded it was the only company in the country dealing with the handmade manufacture of costumed dolls and it has been the case ever since. We are proud to have had our own trade mark since 1952. Our objective is to preserve the tradition of costumed dolls manufacture so that in future too it could be a testimony of our rich history and culture to be spread all over the world.

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