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5-6 2010 Slovo redakce English
obálka čísla

While coming home by plane or slowly (overnight) by bus I tell myself every time that I won’t go anywhere any more, that I have had enough! Dragging heavy suitcases filled with books, magazines, etc. is not good for my back which is not exactly young any more. It “complains” each time after having to carry an extra kilogram over some stairway. But you know how it is - after a while this feeling disappears and you go or fly again…

Recently I went to a conference on the Great Plains in Nebraska. I am almost “at home” in Texas where there are many descendants of Czechs who immigrated there many years ago- but I was reprimanded recently that I have never been in Nebraska, where there are also many Czechs- old-timers, and that I should write something about them. (It was not very hard to talk me into another trip.) And I am not sorry that I went. The Nebraska Czechs are different from the ones in Texas who had mostly come from Moravia and are catholic. But they are also very friendly and nice, and very interested in Czech history and culture. You will find a report about the conference on pages 18-20. Also about further interesting experiences in Nebraska, also about Kansas where I stayed after the conference was over. There will be more stories in the next issues of the Czech Dialogue, and also in the next volume of my book Howdy from Texas, which will include stories about Nebraska and Kansas. I became very interested in the Big Plaines and I hope you will enjoy my writing about them.

Another conference about the European Jewish community took place in Washington, D.C. Do not miss the report about it written by Pepi Lustig on p. 6 and 7. At the same time a Czech conference took place – see page... And the highlight of all of this year’s conferences (even leaving out other invitations, e.g. attending a conference in Bratislava... I can’t be everywhere) will be the Conference of the Society of Arts and Sciences in Tabor during the last week of June.

I am really looking forward to it- I am sure I will hear many interesting lectures and meet many wonderful people from all over the world: For example from the USA Mila Rechcigl, who will be celebrating an important birthday- -, congratulations; also Linda Vlasakova- I recently spent several wonderful days at her home in Kansas; also Anicka Balev from New York- I will probably spend a week at her home in the fall; the Vodickas from Maryland; maybe I will also see prof. ing. Zdenek Pavlik, DrSc. from Prague, or prof. dr. Ivo Bartecek from Olomouc and many other amazing and creative people including those who organized the conference in Tabor- in this beautiful city of Southern Bohemia. (I hope you all enjoyed the article work in the last issue of the Czech Dialogue.)

In this issue we have (on p. 36) a rather serious topic: A book by an English old lady- otherwise very well educated professor, who was so angry at her Czech exhusband that she decided to write a very slanderous book about the Czech Republic, about Czechoslovakia and about the Czech nation in general. The book not only reveals her extreme anger, but it also shows (what is even worse) a total ignorance of Czech history in the world- in spite of the fact that the book was published by such an outstanding university as Yale in the USA. Well- I am looking forward to get your comments which I will publish gladly…

And talking about anger- the time of general and desperate elections in the Czech Republic is near. Political parties- all of them- will hopefully disappear in the near future (in my opinion) when I consider political history. They all compete in mudslinging at each other. Actually they deserve that mud – all of them.

And something pleasant to end with? Yes, I am looking forward to go to Tabor.

Eva Strizovska
Translated by Marie Dolanska

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