* The Vítkov Memorial - Monument to Czech Statehood

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The original building was started in1928 and the structure completed in 1933. It was planned to open the memorial in 1938, but it never happened due to political upheavals and WWII.

In recent years the National Museum initiated its reconstruction, rehabilitation and revitalization.

It contains several artistic treasures, such as mosaics by Max Svabinsky, a statue of Jan Zizka of Trocnov on his horse, the Grave of the Unknown Soldier, etc. In future, the Vitkov Memorial will be used only for artistic and historical expositions, concerts, theater productions and other educational purposes.

An Exposition at the National Museum contains many interesting objects dealing with modern Czech history from 1918 to the present, for example letters of Milada Horakova and Heliodor Pika sent from prison, personal objects of JanPalach, the typewriter of Pavel Tigrid and many photographs of famous persons.

Olga Szymanska
Abstract by Marie Dolanska

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