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10 2008 Ohlasy a názory česky
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Dovolujeme si otisknout kousek z milého dopisu jednoho potomka Pabiánů:

Dear Mr. Hynek,

...I was pleased to learn that you have frequent visits with Josef Pabian. When you visit with him again, please tell him we are so pleased that the family is all doing well and how we appreciated seeing the work he has done on the outbuildings, etc. for his mother.

Tom and I enjoy our Czech heritage and belong to two Czech clubs in Lincoln - the University of Nebraska’s Komensky Club (a student Czech Club that community members are also allowed to join) and the Nebraska Czechs of Lincoln. This last year I helped with the celebration of the University of Nebraska’s 100th Anniversary of teaching Czech language.

Tom and I have worked on a number of Czech events. A few years ago local Czechs entertained the Czech Ambassador to the United States in our home. Tom and I are members of Czech Genealogical Society International. We get several wonderful publications each year with information and pictures about life in the Czech Republic during our ancestors’ lives. When we visited the Pabian family last March, we extended an invitation for any that desired to do so to visit us in Nebraska. If you would be interested in visiting with them, we would be very pleased to have you as our guest.

We enjoyed the information you sent about Chodsko. I hadn’t realized that serfdom was abolished as late as 1848. Mr. Ladislav Knedlhans from Sedlec has written 3 books about the village of Sedlec. They are written in Czech, so unfortunately I am unable to read them easily. I have a portion of his first book that was translated to English. In it he describes the harsh conditions of thetimes. My Greatgrandmother on my Father’s side was born and raised in Sedlec so this is very interesting to me. The Pabian line is on my Mother’s side. My greatgreat grandfather - Josef Pabian, greatgrandfather - John Pabian and grandfather - Josef Pabian were born in Zahorany and Kout na Sumave. Eleven in the family immigrated in 1876 giving Zahorany as their family home. We do not know our actual relationship with the Pabian family but believe that we are related. Your account of the Czech bagpipe was interesting and amusing. We have seen the Czech bagpipe played here in Lincoln. I am sending you a newsclipping by post about this performance. We have a number of Czechs in this section of Nebraska. We try to maintain traditions, food, and try to learn more about our Czech ancestry. I took some classes to learn the Czech language but unfortunately I have a very limited knowledge of the language...

Joan Hruza

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