The Stone of Vseruby

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The local chapter of the Political Prisoners Confederation in Domazlice published this year a booklet(500 copies) written by Oldrich Tikal, commemorating the 10-th anniversary of the Memorial created by the sculptor Jiri Slegl, a Domazlice native and the son of a political prisoner during the communist era.

The Memorial consists of a huge boulder brought here from the Orlicke Mountains from the area through which many refugees were escaping the country after February of 1948. According to the sculptor, the big rock symbolizes the communist regime, strong and seemingly indestructible. A sharp wedge made into it represents the resistance to totality. The sharp edge causes a slow splitting of the rock. Thus- metaphorically- there are two opposite poles against each other: One thin but unusually hard quartz pyramid against a huge incompact monolith.

The Memorial faces the hill called Hoher Bogen, from which Radio Free Europe used to broadcast.

The inscription on the rock says:

"In memory of those who lost their lives while crossing the border here during 1938- 1989."

Political prisoners of Domazlice.

The number of those who were either shot, killed by electric wire or by mine explosions was estimated at about 500-600 persons.

Bohuslav Hynek, Foto: Eva Strizovska, Translation by Marie Dolanska

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