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1. On Thursday, October 27, 2005 in the University of Nebraska Student Union, we could enjoy by two extremely talented individuals: one is an Opera Singer originally from the Slovak Republic - Jozef Ivaska - and the other is Helene Cincebeaux, who was talking about folk costumes, giving a slide presentation, and bringing many examples of her extensive collection to the UNL campus. Lifetime opportunity!

2. Internationally renowned singer JOZEF IVASKA performed songs from his new CD "Pisnicka Ceska," beloved Czech songs and folk songs. He was forced out of Czechoslovakia in the early 80s and made a career in the opera. He performed in Vienna and the majority of his career was with the Metropolitan Opera in Baden, the only operetta company in Austria, as a lyrical tenor. Jozef’s program featured Czech and Slovak folk songs in the first segment, the second portion included "Vasek" from Smetana’s Bartered Bride, "Ave Maria" and "Panis Angelicus"; operetta and modern songs. A highlight of his career was performing with Placido Domingo in Baden. In Japan, he performed in concerts that drew over 5,000 people. He has sung in Italy, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and Bulgaria, as well as the Czech and Slovak Republics. For the past several years he has served as the head judge of a young people’s vocal music competition in Moscow, Russia, listening to over 1,000 performers from many European countries. He holds a degree from the Bratislava Conservatory of Music and two recent master’s degrees from Vienna University in Music and Law. Many of his original compositions became very popular and were banned as protest songs. He has a wide variety of musical styles including opera, operetta, rock, pop, jazz, blues and folk. Blessed with limitless energy and filled with music, this personable, singer/song writer gets rave reviews for his performances. Among his CD’s: "Nas rod >>

Helene Cincebeaux, 151 Colebrook Dr., Rochester NY 14617 585 342-9383, helenezx@; web sites Helene Baine Cincebeaux, Rochester NY, has the largest collection of Czech and Slovak folk dress in the world outside of those countries. She became interested in her roots as a teenager and made her first trip to the "old country" to villages in Moravia in 1969. She has been back more than 60 times.

* Magna cum laude graduate of Syracuse University with degrees from the College of Human Development and the School of Communications with majors in textiles, fashion merchandising and magazine - named outstanding alumnus in 2000.

* A Czech and Slovak Folk dress collector for 36 years along with her mother Helen Baine now 88 years old (Baine/Cincebeaux Collection), they have held 20 major folk dress exhibits in 10 states in the US, the District of Columbia and Canada.

* mounted 22 exhibits of her photos of the Czech & Slovak Republics in 8 countries, most recently in Vienna, Austria.

* published 22 articles most recently "Czech and Slovak Wedding Traditions" in the Spring 05 issue of Nase Rodina; "A Feast for the Eyes - Moravia’s Magnificent Folk Dress" in Nase Rodina in 2004; "The Beaded Glory of Czech & Slovak Folk Dress" in the July/ August 2002 issue of Piecework.

* published 2 books including "Treasures of Slovakia," 100 color photos of Slovakia and Moravian Slovakia in the Czech Republic; contributed Czech & Slovak Dowry Textiles for "Dowry" published by the Mingei International Museum of Folk Art in San Diego California following a year-long exhibit of the Baine/Cincebeaux collection.

* an ethnographer studying folk culture and customs in depth in 12 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

* Co-Founder of the Moravian Heritage Society and editor of the quarterly "Morava Krasna"; She co-founded the Slovak Heritage & Folklore Society International and is editor of "Slovakia" ; both publications together have some 2,000 subscribers.

* Consultant and participant in the PBS special "Threads from the Past".

* awarded a gold medal from the Slovak Republic in 1997 for propagating information on Slovak culture and folklore.

* led 49 trips to the area and reunited hundreds of Americans with long lost family in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

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