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Artist who relentlessly promotes the beauty of Czech music, dance and art and passes it on to future generations of Australians.

Zora Šemberová was born on 13 March 1913. She studied dance in Paris, Vienna and Dresden. She was a member of the Provincial Theatre in Brno and the Prague National Theatre. She taught dance at the conservatories in Brno and Prague. In 1995, she was nominated as an honorary member of the Prague National Theatre Ballet. Zora Šemberová is one of the most significant Czech dancers. In 1998, she received the Thalia Prize for her lifetime achievement in dance.

In 1968, she accepted an invitation from the Flinders University in Adelaide to become its teacher at the department of drama, where she taught expressive movement and pantomime. In 1975, she founded the Australian Mime Theatre. Since 1978 when her involvement at the university ended, she has given private lessons. In 1979 she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate at Flinders University. Despite her age, she works assiduously, writes books on her profession and actively contributes to artistic events in the Czech and Australian communities.

Zora Šemberová is one of the founders of the Czech Chamber of Commerce in Adelaide. She takes an active part in the Chamber's meetings and, by her enthusiasm, she contributes to the development of Czech-Australian business relations. For the last 36 years, her extraordinarily active and selfless work for the Czech community in South Australia has been absolutely fundamental. Through the Czechoslovak Club in Adelaide, she plays a major role in the education of the young generation of Czech-Australian artists and assists them in preparing their dance and singing performances.

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