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Sokol San Francisco has a long tradition of hosting the St. Nicholas children´s party. This tradition started some 60-70 years ago. The day dedicated to St. Nicholas is December 6th. In European tradition when Saint Nicholas appears in the night of the homes of each boy and girl. He is usually accompanied by an angel and devil. The parents report on the behavior of each child to St. Nicholas. As a resul St. Nicholas places either coal or popatoes into stockings, when the child misbehaved and small gifts and sweets, if the child was good. It keeps the children in line. For example last year Sokol childre´s party was held in Castro Valey at the Unity Church Building on Santa Maria Avenue. The large preschool hall was very suited for a children´s party since it was decorated with children´s paitings and the furniture and chairs were ideal for little guests. The party was opened with Dan and Alex Livingston brothers playing Christmas Carols on their trumpets. Little Casey Bronec, age 8 played songs on the piano. Then joyful St. Nicholas arrived with a beautiful Angel. He told children that St. Nicholas was the most loving saint, who lived in Magna Grecia. He used to gifts all his life - till he gave away his family fortune. In his way he originated the gift giving which now is a part of the Western Christmas tradition. He became the Archibishop of Myra. And once a year he comes back to make children happy and to give them gifts. Together with the angel our St. Nicholas started to distrubute gifts marked with names of children. Each lucky child sat on his knee and answered how good they have been during the last year. St. Nicholas spoke in English, Czech and Spanish. As the Saint mentoined, in heaven, where he is coming from, all languages are spoken. Then came the gift giving from Sokol association of stockings filled with goodies and toys for each child present. The children were treated royally with ice-cream cup, cookies and pies. The Sokol choir started singing Czech Christmas carols. The piano was moved from the Church area. The accompaniment was done very ably by sister Ivanka Linhart. Our thanks to Mr. Tomas Tomanek for his outstanding performance. And also to Mrs. Denisa Feddersen who inspired the creation of beautiful anad loving angel. Brother and Sister Linhart were helpful in accompaniment and singing charming and original Christmas carols. The whole party was a succes and made many people happy!

Georgina Teyrovsky, USA

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