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Today is the first of March and since yesterday, we have had a new president - Vaclav Klaus, the former chairman of he ODS political party, former Prime Minister, and former Chairman of Parliament. There are many who rejoice and celebrate; on the other hand, there are those who lament and moan. If I were not the type of person I am, I would probably do the same as the second group. However, since I have been an incurable optimist since birth, I tell myself that things will surely work out well. I want to believe that this rather arrogant and self-centered person, having become truly satisfied with his presidency, will fulfill the seemingly sincere promises full of humility, understanding and an effort at dialogue. However it is hard to forget that it was during his time in office that so many of our trusting citizens put their money into privatization, and that it was during that time, that banks and large concerns worth millions had been defrauded, his only comment being that he knows nothing of dirty money, and that the problem shall be solved by the mighty hand of the market.

I also sincerely hope that his assurance of not having promised the communists anything is true. The fact is that their votes helped him win the elections.

It's hard for me to understand how anybody can have the conscience to deal with that criminal organization; unfortunately many of our citizens do.

In any case, Vaclav Klaus is a much better choice when compared with, for example, that country bumpkin from the hill country, Vysocina, who used to gain support of simple folk by being crude and impertinent in his comments. Contrary to him, Mr. Klaus knows foreign languages, is well groomed, knows how to dress well and has a certain noble bearing. Since he was little, he had been an outstanding student and often held leading positions in school as well as in other organizations. His mother Marie who is now in her nineties, always had a great influence on him and is now rightfully proud of her son's success. He graduated from the College of Economics. He had never been a communist. November 1989 gave him a chance to aim higher in his ambitions.

Finally, I want to express my hope and belief that our new President, Vaclav Klaus using his numerous good qualities becomes a good president of our country.

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