Dear readers,

3 2003 Slovo redakce česky
obálka čísla

Certainly you will agree with me that every magazine needs for its existence an ample number of interested readers to whom the magazine is being offered. Because Czech Dialog is a rather untypical magazine, it is difficult for CD to gain more readers. The number of new subscribers and its fan club isn't exactly very high and more readers of the same generation aren't going to increase greatly anytime soon. Thus, we have decided to take a great step and give our magazine a "face lift" to make it a younger magazine, thus guaranteeing it further existence. This "youngthening" of the magazine is being applied to both the editorship (some new, younger co-workers) as well as to the content, design, and format of the magazine.

Don't worry, fear not, there won't be any dramatic changes towards making it into a cheap, superficial magazine, with an overwhelming number of advertisements, etc. Quite the contrary, the opposite is true. We want to improve the quality and the reading matter, in that we spice up the variety of choice of themes and focus on those that will interest readers of all generations, both young and old. We hope that in this way we can find a way to your children and nieces and nephews, those that live outside of the Czech Republic for a longer time and whose family's have settled into their new surroundings and grown deep roots in their new environment. Because we believe that you brought up your children with great love, admiration, and interest about your own land, we are certain that those new themes will interest them, too.

What kind of new themes could they be? For example, travelling, studies, and experiences of young people abroad. These are all universal themes. In addition, the upbringing of children here and at your new home country, the role of women in today's society in the Czech Republic and the world, which can be compared to previous decades, the study of language, interesting cultures for youth, information about happenings in the Czech Republic, which affect youth, and the preparation of entry of the Czech Republic into the EU. All this we think could help attract a younger generation of readers, not only outside of the Czech Republic but also within. You would be surprised how many youth you can find that are interested in all of these new themes, which belong to "world experiences". We rely on you to provide us with histories and narrative accounts of your experiences. We are sure that you don't just live in your own past and happenings, though they are of course necessary. Czech Dialog will continue to encompass itself with information about these narratives and histories.

We will be happy if you help us gain a younger audience, if you inform them of these new items in the magazines, request their opinion, and contact them. Through the magazine it can come to a very interesting exchange of opinions and the enriching through the recounting of experiences among several generations, which will be interesting for all. It is a fact that your children and nieces and nephews despite being cosmopolitan members know what is going on in that small, piece of land, in slightly central Europe. Despite its futility it has proven and shown with its means and its capabilities on its own to "move the world". In this way we would like to help you, because that us why Czech Dialog is here for you and your children.

Your editor,
Eva Strizovska
Translated by Helen Vavrecka

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