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Help fund a ceramic artist interchange between French ceramic artists and ceramic artists of  San Diego!


I have arranged for six French artists to come to San Diego to live, work, teach, and exhibit their amazing work! They will work at San Diego artist's studios for 4-7 weeks, teach at area colleges, private ceramic studios and Spanish Village Art Center.

The exhibition of their artwork created during this stay is scheduled in Gallery 21 in Spanish Village Art Center in Balboa Park on April 29th - May 11th, 2015.

Art is about exchanging ideas, life experiences and personal vision. Sometimes it takes outside influences to move us, to change us. Inviting artists from another place can be the spark that helps us and them see the world differently, get inspired and brink new energy into our everyday life.

Who am I?

I am French ceramic artist and teacher originally from Prague, Czech Republic. I had the chance to create and exhibit my ceramics in many countries in Europe as well as Japan, Korea, New Zealand. I worked and put on exhibits in Paris for 17 years. I now live in San Diego and have a studio in  Spanish Village Art Center.

Why support this project?

Because you believe that any international exchange between continents, countries, or individuals will help in communication and understanding between people, and teach us how to make our world better. This San Diego exchange is a part of the 1915-2015 San Diego - Panama world exhibition Centennial Celebration at Balboa Park. Creating this event, we want to establish the continuous cultural exchange between ceramic artists in San Diego and France.

Who are the artists?

Martha Banuelos bas reliefs in stoneware


Jana Bednarkova Kenney hand-build ceramic sculpture, stoneware


Jean-Francois Bourlard large jars, Punk Raku objects


Marie Laure Guerrier wheel-thrown porcelain vases, sculptures


Chris Gullon hand-build, polished and pitfired earthenware with laquer touch

Sylvie Ruse hand-build and wheel-thrown earthenware, using stain, slip


Daniela Schlagenhauf hand-build porcelain paper clay sculptures


Sandrine Tonnelier hand-build stoneware


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