The Great Plains Were Christened!

Venda Šebrlová 3 2013 MČK English

The City Library Belonged to Eva!


So many people attended the celebration on March 25- not only from Prague, but there were also many visitors from abroad. They all came to honor Eva Strizovska- to thank her for her work and to commemorate her birthday -again. First the glee club Camera Chabra sang (under the direction of Lubomir Matl))several  beautiful Dvorak songs. Then Marketa Matlova sang the “Moon Aria” from Rusalka and one of Dvorak’s Gypsy Songs.


After this introduction Eva Strizovska and Martina Fialkova talked bout Eva’s  new book  “The Great Plains and Other Interesting Experiences.” Eva  visited the USA several times- this is her third book about her travels and the people  she met.


The “christening” was performed by the sociologist Jirina Siklova and by Vera Dousova, the director of the International Folk Festival. Both ladies thanked Eva Strizovska for her tremendous work- for uniting Czechs at home with those living and working abroad. It made us all very happy.

Eva had to call her son to help her carry all the flowers that she had obtained. Now she is at work again- finishing her book about Australia. She intends to visit the USA again later and then she would like to write about her travels in South America.


Dear Eva: We all wish you many happy years, lots of good health and energy!

Photo: from left  Jirina Siklova, Eva Strizovska, Veda Dousova a Martina Fialkova

Translated by Marie Dolansky


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