Saying Good-Bye to a Great and Good Man

-ES- 3 2013 Aktuality English

I just returned from the funeral of Milan Vyhnalek. He was born in Hnatnice in the Orlicke Mountains and left his homeland  in 1948 at age 23 because he felt that he could not work and live in a dictatorship.

He was a specialist in the milk industry, especially in cheese production. He settled in Tasmania where he became very successful because that continent  was not familiar with his products.  He was not only a successful businessman- he was very active in various other activities- helping other human beings. From 1964 to 1990 he helped financially 64 families that had come from refugees camps. In the years 1990 to 2003 he contributed to 27 grants for Charles University students.

He received several prizes for his achievements- in the Czech Republic it was the Prize Gratias Agit; in Tasmania he obtained recognition from the English Queen and from the Australian Government. He also contributed  to his beloved Hnatnice- he helped to restore the local church including donating the church bell; he also supported the restoration of the Sokol hall. He helped to promote his country of birth all over the world, especially in Australia.

Translated by Marie Dolanska

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