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We received news from the local branch of SVU (Society of Arts and Sciences ) in Munich:

They organize yearly a Symposium which represents the best in culture in Munich. This year two outstanding people were honored: Ivan Liska and Dr. Wolfgang Mastnak

Ivan Liska, the director of the Munich State Ballet received the Deutsche Tanzpreis and the Maxmilliansorder fur Wissenschaft und Kunst Prize.

Dr. W. Mastnak, a lecturer in Music at the College of Music Arts, is also a member of the Academy of Arts and of the European Academy of Music Arts. He tried to explain to the audience that any music can be used for dancing and that dance does not always express happiness only.

Both gentlemen were excellent. Thanks were also expressed to Mr. L. Pavlik and to  Ms Blanka Fajkus

Other activities:

Professor Moravkova gave a talk about Prague theater happenings, Mr. K. Pokorny lectured about laws and legal history in the Czech lands. Other lecturers were  Z. Fajkus and  Ondrej Sramek.

Several of our member received prizes from the Czech Republic, namely our Honorary Chairman Ivan Cikl. Mr.Ladislav Pavlik received the prize Gratias Agit from the Minister of Foreign Affaires in Prague.

Blanka Fajkusova

Abbreviated by Marie Dolanska


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