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In the United States there is a lot of disappointment and mixed feelings after the recent November elections. It is clear that the contest was not only between the Democrats and the Republicans.  It was about this fundamental question: Should every citizen be responsible for his own actions, or can he remain a spoiled brat all his life - a child who wants to have all the goods, privileges and freedoms as of yesterday, and if that does not happen- he will demand that “somebody” better take care of it for him.

In the good old days, we were taught that you have to first EARN everything worthwhile, and then you may use it. Today the attitude seems to be different. The thinking is this: “I want to have everything that the other fellow has, but I don’t.  Therefore, I will borrow it, or get it somehow from the state, or I will steal it.”  We used to heed the Ten Commandments - what happened to those?  We also learned: ”Love Thy neighbor as Thyself.”  It seems that today everything is allowed - even rude behavior and impudence.


When a candidate for a public office needs votes - he knows how to get the necessary number somehow - even fraudulently, if need be.  He promises the voters the blue from the sky.  It may work for him as long as there is money in the state coffer.  But what if the money is dwindling?  That is OK, we shall simply raise taxes.  And who shall pay those additional taxes?  Those who were so stupid as to learn something, work hard, invent new things, start businesses, hire new workers, and already pay taxes.


It appears that we do not need to be responsible for anything, not even for our health.  We will eat whatever we want - even the food that is not good for us; we shall drink to excess, take drugs and when we get sick - no problem. The state will pay our medical bills, or they will be paid by those “rich” ones who were able to find good jobs and take care of their health.  There are many people among us who are able to work (even in spite of some handicap), but who will never support themselves - even in good economic times.  They will rather complain about discrimination, they will cry and whine until they get some “donations” to keep them quiet and then they will finally elect some  Robin Hood  who has given or promised them something for free. This is what basically happened in the USA, and it looks as though something similar might happen in the Czech Republic where they will elect a new President by a direct vote next year.

Let us remember what happened in 1918 when Czechoslovakia was being born.  Did Professor Tomas G. Masaryk campaign to become president?  That never occurred to him!  He was actually abroad. Around the 28th of October 1918, he was in the United States negotiating with President Woodrow Wilson about ships to bring home thousands of Czech and Slovak legionnaires who had fought their way through Siberia and were now stuck in the Russian city of Vladivostok.  They formed a liberation army of a country that was not yet born!  Then they had to sail eastward over the Pacific, because, at the time, there was a revolution in full swing in Russia.  While in the United States, Masaryk was elected President in his homeland.  He arrived in Prague in late December of 1918, and his first order of business was to visit his wife Charlotte in the hospital.

Which one of you- the present-day candidates for a Czech president- is able to accomplish something similar?  Raise your hand!  You have my vote!


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