Venda Šebrlová 10 2012 Aktuality English

  There are people in this world who never learned anything from the communist times and who can be happy about the fact that the commies are getting stronger again. (Many years ago, after 1948 - boy, those were the times, comrades! Actually 105% of the citizens voted and all of them voted the communists!) This year the victory was not as spectacular, but it hit every Czech family with a bang.

Why do the “leftists” win again together with the communists? First of all: Now it is not compulsory to go to the urns and nobody is punished for not showing up. The leftists are used to voting, because they never learned to stop this activity. Their party appeals to their social feeling- comrades, the nation needs us! Plus there are many communist supporters hidden in many other parties- so many that they could form yet another leftist party. They do not have to be afraid- after all it is a secret election and nobody is watching who they vote for.

Of course the people are scared by the rising prices and by unemployment. They think that they would be better off if the country were ruled by a left-oriented coalition. Only there is nothing left to squander any more and the hope that everything would be again owned by the state is rather fantasmagoric.

The party that won in the regional elections is the one that the people would prefer to become illegal because of its criminal past. So far all the efforts to achieve this was in vain., even though the state department and some civic organizations follow the activities of its young people very carefully. In the Congress Comrade Marta Semelova defended the overthrow of 1948 as a very important act in our history. Yes, that remarkable act caused hundreds of thousands of people to flee the country, and many thousands to be imprisoned as enemies of the regime. And what about the dead ones?

The communists reproach the rest of our society that some of us make hundreds of thousands of crowns every month while others have to live on public money. ( As though their functionaries lived on ten thousand gross a month!). In our apartment house there lived several really devoted communists: they had enough money and power, so that their children could have tangerines all the time, not only at Christmas. Also their children were admitted to any school without problems. All they needed was a party membership proof. Today you have to have proof of passing the maturity exam- that represents basic education for your future career. Not all of us are talented enough to continue our education. In Western Bohemia there are many people who have only minimal education, or none at all. The leftists promise them employment- but what kind? Today even manual labor requires some technical knowledge. How many manually–dug ditches do we need ? But Marx, Engels and also Lenin said that all of us should be equal. Comrades, do you still believe that such a thing is possible? !

The second part of elections and further negotiations are approaching. People- please- go to those urns and think about what more could happen. Do you think that our nation could survive another wave of emigration?


Venda Sebrlova


Translated by Marie Dolanska




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