Cesko-Czechia or some other mutilation?

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The Czech state agency CzechTourism seems to ignore the English version of “Cesko”, namely Czechia- as do most other state agencies starting with the President of the country followed by sport associations, business firms and corporations, etc. CzechTourism does use the term “Cesko” in its correspondence but for its English version they use “Czech Republic.” Lately CzechTourism, after consulting a team of “experts” , came up with a new distortion for our country which would supposedly attract more tourists to our homeland- namely- “Czech Repub-like” – because it would be so “unique”. The studio Marvil of Mr. P. Zelenka made so far a profit of 2.5 mil. Kc on this “improvement.” Since CzechTourism is a state agency, the money came from us, the tax payers. We cannot let this pass unnoticed. The logo of any country is to be short and well introduced to the world. The terms Czechia, or Tschechien (in German) had been already approved by a publication of CUZK and by the United Nations.

Therefore we have decided to object to this development by a petition addressed to V. Vondruska, director of CzechTourism. Please help us by informing your friends and acquaintances about this development and/or contact the website:


or voice your objections and comments via



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