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7 2012 Naši ve světě English

Recently two young women- Anna Hrabcakova and Marketa Hancova- organized a Czech and Slovak Folk Festival in San Diego. The program was great and varied.  Ms Anna Hrabcakova( who studied music and dance) taught a group of young people several Slovak folk dances.  The performance was quite professional- as though the dancers had come from the ballet of the National Theater. And the vocal numbers were also very good.

The Consulate of the Slovak Republic  contributed some money, the Czech Consulate contributed nothing. It appears that the Slovaks are more supportive and are better organized. There were 350 guests who enjoyed the show. All expenses were paid and the event even made some money for future activities.

Czech schools:  There is a Czech school in existence in town. The teacher Marketa Hancova meets with the children ( enrollment is 15) once a week and  parents contribute voluntary amounts for the expenses.

There will be a second school opening in September. So far 8 children are enrolled. Most are from families where one of the parents is an American. This school will charge tuition- each session(one or 2 hours) will cost $10.- per child to be paid ahead of time. Money for missed classes will not be returned. Both Czech and Slovak classes will be available.



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