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In November of 2008 a walled-in treasure was discovered in an apartment house by workers in the Kosire area of Prague. The police was notified and the individual silver pieces were deposited in the Prague Museum for the time being until the owner could be found. When this did not happen, the Prague City Council decided that all objects will become part of the collections of the National Museum of Prague.

Right now some of the objects can be admired in a showcase at the Museum until May of 2012. Actually only one percent of the total treasure can be viewed- 210 silver objects in all. There are about 6770 silver coins. The oldest ones are from the times of King Vladislav of Jagellon (1471-1516), but many are from later centuries and there are some from other European countries such as France, Italy, Hungary, Germany and Russia.

In addition to coins there are also various silver dishes like cups and saucers, bowls, flacons, powder boxes, lockets, plates and jewelry pieces- 14657 objects in all.

It is estimated that the treasure was hidden in the wall in 1947, but the experts are still not sure who the owner might have been. Further research about this question is still continuing. An exhibition of the entire collection is planned for the year 2014.

Olga Szymanska

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