PODZIM 2011 Kultura English
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This book by Marie Hruskova and Marie Holeckova is the 2nd volume of their previously published work on trees printed in 2008. It describes some trees around the towns of Trebic and Zdar. Every selection is naturally subjective, yet the authors tried very hard to concentrate on the most important and interesting trees in this region using photographs and the written word.

They try to explain why it is interesting to pay attention to trees, what is remarkable about them, what they represent to their surroundings, how they are connected to the history of each location and where to find them so that the readers can use them as landmarks and inspiration for their own search for trees.

Every tree is a part of its surrounding area and it completes it. To be able to notice trees, to “see” them- that forms our relationship to our home and to the location where we live.

Do not pass up this interesting book full of colored pictures. Published by MH Beroun

Translated by Marie Dolanska

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