The Art of Adriana Simotova - Touches of Eternity

LÉTO 2011 Kultura English
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Ms Simotova studied at the Applied Arts College in Prague where she met her future husband Jiri John. She belongs to those artists whose work is deep and spiritual.

She exhibited in many countries and cities, for examples in Sao Paulo, San Marino and Ljubljana, and obtained numerous prizes including the Grand Prix. After her husband died in 1972 she started working with textile and exhibited in Brno, in the Prague National Gallery and elsewhere. She was invited to spend some time in the Centre Pompidou and obtained a high French prize in art and literature. After losing her son in 1994 she found that immersing herself in work brought solace and relief. In 1997 she received a Medal of Recognition (First Class) from the President of the Czech Republic.

Her life experiences and interest in human relationships are reflected in all her work. She worked mainly in textile and paper, mostly on layered and calligraphic paper, using perforation and other techniques.

Her work may be seen at two locations in Prague- at the MUSEUM KAMPA and at the RUDOLFINUM. At Kampa there are many of her works on paper, especially the perforated kind- the socalled body-art and arte povera.

At the Galerie Rudolfinum are her creations from the last 3 years. There are pen drawings, and also art work produced with colored powder by the artists fingers and palms.

Galerie Rudolfinum - Small Gallery open from April 4 - June 19, 2011.

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