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The Story of Artist Ruzena Zatkova (1885- 1923) is the name of an exhibition at Cisarska konirna at the Prague Castle. The artist came from a rather wealthy family and was a niece of Karel Havlicek Borovsky. She studied music with Vitezslav Novak and painting in the school of Antonin Slavicek.

She also studied Italian, French and Russian art and admired the sculptor Ivan Mestrovic and later the futuristic artists, especially Giacomo Balla.

She created her most important and original works in the early years of the 20-th century. She had several exhibitions in Italy and two in Rome. It appears that the artist never really "belonged" to any specific "_ism "and tried to stay unique and original.

When her health began to deteriorate due to various family problems and a divorce, she had to interrupt her work several times to take health cures in Switzerland, Italy and Austria. She passed away in 1923 at age 38.

The exhibition is titled: Ruzena- Pribeh Malirky Ruzeny Zatkove- at Cisarska Konirna, Prague Castle and will be open until July 31, 2011 A short publication about the artist is also available.

Olga Szymanska
Abstract by M.D.

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