The „Spiritual Quintet“ of Prague Celebrated 50 Years of its Existence!

LÉTO 2011 Kultura English
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The quintet was founded in 1960 by Jiri Tichota and four friends, who were later joined by Dusan Vancura. Over the years some left (even forever), others joined the group – Odetka, Jirka Cerha, Zdena Tichotova, Olda Ortinský, Jirka Holoubek, Irena Budweiserova since 2011 switched for Veronika Souckova. The quintet is known for the excellent arrangements, accompaniments, a strong musicianship of its members, great voices and a wide selection of compositions. They play spirituals, gospel music, their own new material, classical music, folk songs, serious and humorous numbers. The group survived all sorts of difficulties and accusations under the old regime.

Some of the highlights were e.g. playing on November 23, 1989 on the balcony of Melantrich Publishing House during the Velvet Revolution days, or the performance a year later on the Wenceslas (Václavské) Square when they were joined by the former US President George Bush Sr. and Vaclav Havel. Their commemorative performance at the Lucerna Hall was sold out many weeks ahead of time. And before Christmas 2010 they were invited to the National Theater.

After November 1989 the Quintet could also travel abroad. They performed for Czechs and Slovaks in the USA, Canada, all over Europe, also in Chile, Cuba, Ethiopia, etc.

Almost everywhere they were met with incredible enthusiasm and kindness of the countrymen. “We were briefly spoilt by our hosts” says Jirka Tichota, the leader of the group. “They drove us around, showed us the sights, provided food and lodging, they even did our laundry! Such devotion will never be forgotten! Many new friendships were formed. If our countrymen anywhere in the world are reading these words, be assured that we think about all of you with much gratitude. Your helpfulness and friendship are still the strongest impressions of our travels abroad. Thank you all again!”

Marcela Krcmarova
Translated abstract by M. Dolanska

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