Position of the Democratic Club No 48

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Concerning the activity of members and supporters of radical parties and movements in the executive sphere

During the second half of February 2011, circulated was news concerning intentions of the Minister of Education to appoint as his first deputy a person who, in previous elections, led a list of the radical National Party in the region of Vysočina and who in his statements evoked the suspicion of supporting xenophobic and racial ideas. The Democratic Club vigorously defends the free exchange of opinions. But it also vigorously believes that persons with radical and extremist views cannot hold leading positions and functions in the executive branch of a democratic state. Furthermore, the Club believes that would mean tresspassing all tolerance and would eventually threaten the democratic character of the state.For that reason, we accepted and support a similar statement of Prime Minister Petr Nečas, and we expect that the appointment isn´t going to be made. At the same time, we are disconcerted that the President of the Republic has been backing a controversial candidate and who has expressed inadaquate critisism of some citizens who had refused appointment to a high position. It is the duty of democratic-minded citizens to step out against persons of suspected ideas and it is the duty of democratic apparatus in power to prevent such persons from influencing in particular the country's education's system, which is a very critical and sensitive sphere. Historically there is a number of examples when the inaction of citizens in similar situations resulted in endangering democracy or even in establishing undemocratic regimes.

Prague, March l3 th, 2011

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