Film: Nicky's Family

JARO 2011 Kultura English
obálka čísla the third documentary film created by Matej Minac about the almost seven hundred children saved from gas chambers by Sir NICHOLAS WINTON in 1939 by transporting them from the Czech lands to England. The recent premiere was attended by many important persons including ex-president Vaclav Havel, Minister of Foreign Affaires Karel Schwarzenberg and by many other diplomats, in addition to some of the Winton "children" (now in their 80's} and their families.

The moderator of this famous gathering was a Mr. Pavel Zuna whose grandmother was also one of the rescued Winton children. And there are thousands of people around today- descendants of the original "children"- who are alive because of Sir Winton's action so many years ago.

The film is very emotional showing heartbreaking scenes of children being separated from their birth mothers and put on the "freedom train". Sir Winton (now age 102 in May) keeps in touch with many of them and has visited the Czech Republic several times in recent years. And what is even more important - his great humanitarian action has inspired and is inspiring similar projects all over the world. A total of 100,000 school children in the Czech Republic signed a petition recommending that Sir Nicholas Winton be awarded the Peace Price...

Sir Winton also mentioned that England was the only country who cooperated in this endeavor even though he approached many others.

Translated by Marie Dolanska

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