Amateur theater clubs

9-10 2010 Kultura English
obálka čísla

Amateur theater clubs have a long tradition in the Czech lands. The town of Hronov, Alois Jirasek’s birthplace , took hosted a Theater Festival for the 80-th time this year. Many city amateur associations will take part to present their best productions.

There are also many rural drama clubs. They formed an Association of Czech Theater Volunteers in 1969 and organized their first contest in 1970 in Zebrak- in central Bohemia under the leadership of Milan Kyska and with support from the local Farmer’s Cooperatives Association, and its secretary Libuse Erbsova. Later the festival was moved to Vysoka nad Jizerou. This October these drama clubs will hold their 31st contest. It is entitled: “Krakonos’ Theater Autumn”.

There is another location worth mentioninga little town called Miletin- known as the birthplace of Karel J. Erben. In 2006 a Museum of Amateur Theater was established here. It is the first of its kind, but needs more financial support for its survival.

Milan Kyska
Abstract by Marie Dolanska

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