Treasures of Moravia may be seen in Prague

9-10 2010 Kultura English
obálka čísla

Beginning by September 21. 2010 some historical treasures of Moravia will be exhibited in the Prague National Museum. The exhibition will include artifacts from pre-historic times when Moravia was populated by Celtic, Roman or German tribes and it continues through the Middle Ages until the present. Exhibits include e.g. some excavations found around Vestonice,, Predmosti or Pavlov; also the original of the Kralicka Bible (Bible Kralicka,), and the story of its author, Jan Amos Komensky who was born in Moravia, and much about the Moravian Brethren… There is also a great deal of information about other famous Moravians, for example about Johan Georg Mendel, the founder of genetics, or about the composer Leos Janacek. The respected and popular newspaper Lidove noviny was founded in Brno.

The exhibition is in the New Building of the Czech National Museum and will be open until 2011.

Abstract by Marie Dolanska

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