Awarding the degree doctor honoris causa in czech lands

9-10 2010 Aktuality English
obálka čísla

This degree in TECHNICAL SCIENCES was first awarded by the Czech Technical University in Prague (Ceske vysoke uceni technicke) in 1905 to Jiri Kristian of Lobkovic for outstanding military achievements. Other recipients in later years were for example the architect Josef HLAVKA, scientists Frantisek KRIZIK, Nicola TESLA, C. PURKYNE, J. J. FRIC, E. DENIS, O. WICHTERLE, President W. WILSON, T. G. MASARYK and others. More than 150 outstanding individuals were thus recognized. For more information please refer to the book by RNDR.Ivo Kraus, Dr.Sc. et all, entitled: Cestni doktori na ceske technice (Honorary Doctorates at the Czech Technical University), Prague 2010, 298 pages.


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