Ex-president Vaclav Havel warns humanity of a possible catastrophe

9-10 2010 Aktuality English
obálka čísla

He said so at the opening of the 14-th Conference of Forum 2000.

He hopes that the world elites will understand the warning of the present economic and financial crisis. Modern civilization is exhibiting excessive self-assurance and pride. It is becoming too global and atheistic and it has lost its relationship to infinity and eternity.

If humanity will not change its attitude to its environment and will not become more humble, civilization will storm into a catastrophe. People must realize their shortsightedness and stop being convinced of their omniscience. Man must realize that everything in this world cannot be completely planned and foretold.

The central theme of this year’s conference is “The World We Want To Live In.”

Translated by Marie Dolansky

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