The Museum of Applied Art in Prague Celebrates 125 Years of its Existence

5-6 2010 Kultura English
obálka čísla

It is located at Palach Square, opposite the Rudolfinum. It was founded for the purpose of improving artistic and esthetic understanding of the general public. Several persons played very important roles in its history, for example Vojtech Lanna, Karel Herain, Emanuel Poche, and Dagmar Hejdova. Its present director is Dr. Helena Koenigsmarkova.

The museum has resided in its present location since 1900. After 1918 it became a very important cultural institution of the new democratic state. Since 2000 the museum has been expanding its new continuous exposition entitled “Stories of Materials”. It deals with the history of using glass, ceramics, metals, wood, fabrics, etc. to produce everyday objects. It includes exhibits of applied graphics, photography, toys, fashion, and furniture . It has a unique exhibition of watches and clocks. The museum maintains several branches in other locations, e.g. in Kamenice nad Lipou (exhibit of toys, metal objects, furniture of the 19th century), or in Ceska Skalice( exhibit of textiles).

Martina Fialkova Abstract byMarie Dolanska

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