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Oskar Nedbal (1874-1930) was a musician of many parts – chamber music player, composer and conductor. He studied violin with Bennewitz and composition with Dvorak. He played the viola in that celebrated ensemble, the Bohemian (later called the Czech) Quartet, alongside Josef Suk and he conducted a number of orchestras, including the Czech Philharmonic many times during its early formative years. From 1906 to 1918, he was the principal conductor of the Viennese Künstlerorchester and this cemented his fame as a conductor.

But today, he is best remembered as a composer of ballets and operettas which, for linguistic reasons, are little known outside the Austro-Hungarian world in which he was active (most of his better-known works were written before 1918). His chamber music output is restricted to four pieces, two of which run for only a few minutes, and apart from a few works for piano, he wrote almost nothing that was not intended for the stage.

In the 1920’s, he became very well known in Bratislava, where he was active in numerous ways. Unfortunately, his association with the Bratislava National Theatre was to lead to his downfall for the financial troubles of this institution rubbed off on him. One year after accepting the post of director of the newly founded Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, he committed suicide.

Nedbal was born in the South Bohemian town of Tábor and the very first Nedbal Festival will be held here from 25 to 27 November 2010. The festival is the brainchild of mezzo- soprano and musicologist Ludmila Perinova, also a native of the town.

Dr Perinova would also like to form a Nedbal Society; anyone interested is invited to contact her at: Klokotska 118, 390 01 Tabor, Czech Republic or at

Geoff Piper
MusicEnterprise, Luxembourg

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