Velvet Redux

11-12 2009 Kultura English
obálka čísla

Gala opening of the exhibition “20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Iron Curtain” one of the higlights of the VELVET REDUX commemorations in Chicago

On October 27, 2009 a symbolic clinking of keys and cow bells as a background for John Lennon’s warning „We have all forgotten what we once wanted…“ inaugurated the exhibition „20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Iron Curtain” at the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Chicago. The exhibition reminds the Chicagoans of 20th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution and of the Czech National Day celebrated annually on October 28. Among more than 150 guests attending the event were representatives of the Chicagoland Czech American community, of the city and the Cook County, members of Chicago Consular Corps with its Dean Patricia Maza- Pittsford and other officials. On this occasion Mayor Richard M. Daley issued a proclamation declaring “November 17, 2009 VELVET REDUX DAY IN CHICAGO” offering listopad „dnem uctění památky Sametové revoluce a jejích hodnot“ v Chicagu („Velvet Redux Day in Chicago“ – Proklamace z 27.10.09).”the opportunity to reflect on the legacy of the Velvet Revolution...”

Military History Institute in Prague reminds the public of the fall of the Iron Curtain and of mostly tragic attempts of the Czechs and Slovaks to cross the border on their way to freedom. The exhibition at the Czech Consulate General (205 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1680) is open to public until December 23, 2009, Monday-Friday, 9:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m., except on holidays.

The Velvet Redux program (complete program attached) includes also several round tables and forums at local universities (Northwestern, University of Chicago, DePaul University), Annual Gala Evening organized by American Friends of the Czech Republic honoring Mayor Richard M. Daley and the Chicago premi?re of the film “Citizen Havel” directed by Pavel Koutecký and Miroslav Janek. The Czech Consulate Generální konzulát ČR v Chicagu oslavy připravil a koordinuje ve spolupráci s výše uvedenými univerzitami, s nevládní organizací American Friends of the Czech Republic, Pražským výborem partnerského programu Chicago Sister Cities a filmovým klubem Gene Siskel Film CenterGeneral in Chicago coordinates the celebrations in conjunction with the above mentioned universities, non-governmental organizations American Friends of the Czech Republic, the Prague Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International Program and the Gene Siskel Film Center.

On October 15 an evening of discussion about current cultural trends in Central and Eastern Europe with the participation of Czech author Petra Hůlová and other writers from Central and Eastern Europe (Ferenc Barnas-Hungary, Drago Jančar-Slovenia) launched the two-months Velvet Redux commemorations Oslavy 20at Northwestern chicagské Northwestern University diskusním večerem k současnému kulturnímu vývoji ve střední a východní Evropě za účasti české autorky Petry Hůlové a dalších autorů ze střední a východní Evropy (Ferenc Barnas /Maďarsko/, Drago Jančar /Slovinsko/). or

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