The trap of political belonging

11-12 2009 Aktuality English
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The party is over with political parties, one would like to cry high and loud at least here in Europe. Today's civilization had achieved most goals it ever desired. We all belong to the classless society of middle classers, do not have people starving (even those unemployed can count on a form of social welfare) and universities, full of rich and poor bright people alike, are creating ever smarter members of the human kind. The government collects enough money to run the state, with mandatory expenses for itself, teachers, soldiers, firemen etc making about 80% of the total budget. Mainly the ability to allocate the remaining 20% make parties want to be in power. To be in charge. Because every political party knows how to do it better, of course.

Politicians are historically the worst money managers or custodians of taxpayer's monies. Their party politics, policies and constant obvious and not-so-obvious fights and stupidities, together with corruption, occasional incompetence at all levels makes them unwanted. The existence of political parties seems to be redundant nowadays.

So the modern society needs a modern approach to look after its future. It needs a prudent and wise business manager as a prime minister, with a little emotion here and there, and a team of other able experts on management as ministers. Cost of democracy must be in a relation to its productivity. Party membership at top posts should be a disadvantage. All talks concerning better stewardship of our affairs is pointless, unless we talk about life without the power of political parties. We should degrade a political party to a level of any other group with certain specific interest such as stamp collecting, choir singing or poker playing. Political parties were part of the life we have had so far, but now they seem to be a very expensive burden. So we should spend our time discussing creation of a managed society, instead of mismanaged one.

I believe that in direct democracy people would vote in the most able local manager as the administrator of local public affairs; goes for villages, towns, districts, regions, the central government.

Zdenek Reimann

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