Nové informace o dokumentu Československé legie v Rusku

5-6 2009 Naši ve světě English
obálka čísla

Autoři dokumentárního filmu o Československých legiích, který máme právo promítat a pořádat k tomuto promítání besedy, nám píší ohledně dalších možností co největšího rozšíření filmu:

We just received a letter from Ken Burns. He said of our film, „It is a noble undertaking: a history lost, returned to its people – and the world.“ We appreciate the good words from Mr. Burns.His films have had a major impact on how we see history. We also appreciate the kind words from many of you and the good reviews on

Good news.

Accidental Army has been selected by the Gene Siskel Film Center. It will be featured as part of the June schedule – Saturday June 20th at 8:30 PM and Monday June 22nd at 8 PM. The theme will be: Chicago – The City That Helped Create a Country. We hope to have some special guests and other moments of interest. We will be providing more details as the dates get closer.

Now we‘re going to ask you for a little more involvement.

We‘re working to fund the production of a Czech language version for high schools in the Czech Republic – this is their history, and, as Ken Burns notes, it‘s still lost to the people who should know about it most – 50 years of Communist repression takes its toll.

copies, or just donate a few extra dollars, please do what you can. Whatever you can do will help us give the children of the Czech Republic something that‘s been missing for sixty years – their country‘s history.

Meanwhile, hope to see some of you at the June Screenings – and for those of you in the Kansas City area, we will be featured at the World War One Museum this fall – should be a great event.

More news to come... Nazdar!

Your friends at The Czech Legion Project

Bruce Bendinger
The Czech Legion Project,

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