In praise of beds

5-6 2009 Ohlasy a názory English
obálka čísla

The latest Czech Dialogue came today and it inspired me to writeespecially the story by Ludmila Lojdova entitled “THE BED.”. Yes, dear Ms Lojdova, here is my Ode to Beds.

The bed is my most favored and beloved piece of furniture. I can exist without tables and chairs, but not without a bed.

When I am visiting my good friends I can be happy with a couch or a chaise-lounge. I don’t like to find such a horizontal piece of furniture just standing there- doing nothing That is such a waste! One has to make use of it right away. It helps when you are of a more advanced age- say 80 or more. People do not find it too strange that I want to stretch my back or my legs. And if in addition I mention that my knee hurts or that my ankle is a bit swollen- by then my friends practically force me to lie down. After all- let’s remember that the ancient and wise Chinese loved to discuss Confucius and his philosophy while lying down on various ottomans and even sometimes smoking drugs!

Many years ago I met a lady who categorically proclaimed: Man is really neither a rational nor a deeply cerebral being. Man is first and foremost a BED ANIMAL. Just think about it: Most of us were conceived in bed, we are often born in bed, spend more than one third of our lives in bed and most will also die in bed.

I totally agree with Ms Ludmila’s article and also with Dale Carnegie: “Take a rest BEFORE you get tired.!”

Therefore I am not looking forward to reading the Czech Dialogue on-line in the future. That will mean we will have to SIT UP, NOT lie down. In my opinion one can fully enjoy the written word only in a horizontal position.

Greetings to all from M.D.

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