R. A. Dvorsky (1899-1966)

3-4 2009 Kultura English
obálka čísla

...was a Czech composer of popular music, band leader, pianist, singer, actor and music publisher. He started to compose music at age 16. In 1929 he founded his own orchestra entitled MELODY BOYS which existed until 1945. It played folk music, contemporary ball room dance music including swing and jazz. His “Big band” often performed on the radio and provided music for films. After his publishing house was “nationalized” under communism, Dvorsky decided to leave the country and made several unsuccessful attempts to cross the border. In 1953 he was arrested and jailed for about 3 years.

After 1965 he and his orchestra were allowed to perform again. He became most known for playing and singing Hasler’s patriotic song: “Ta nase pisnicka ceska” (“Our Czech Song”).

Abstract by Marie Dolanska

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