Editor’s Word - Sweden – and perhaps the end of the Czech Dialogue?

5-6 2008 Slovo redakce English
obálka čísla

Dear Readers, I wanted to write this column in Sweden where I went as almost every year to a May get-together of Czechs in Scandinavia. However, because of the wonderfully full program, it was not possible. I was constantly talking with somebody, singing, and listening to poetry recitals. This time the poetry program was prepared by Ota Storch with Chinese poetry from the 12th century. I also heard a lecture about South Africa by the traveler Jindra Sipek.

So I am writing now, on Sunday at my cottage in Slapy. It’s so beautiful here, just like it was in Sweden. Nature has woken up. All is blooming, growing, the birds are singing away, butterflies, and bees and flies are busy flying around. Even our shaggy dog Beda sends an old tennis ball down hill so he can run down and get it. Since there is nobody to play with him, he has to make his own game.

My computer is in the corner of my tiny cottage. >From the left window I see a pine tree and a rose of Sharon, climbing up the verandah. >From window on the right I can watch birds building a nest in a mighty oaktree. Simply magnificent! I‘m hitting the keys while listening to the birds singing.

I also gave a lecture in Sweden. This year the theme was rather sad but also a bit happy. The end of this year shall bring the end of the printed version of the Czech Dialogue magazine. „Oh, Oh you can’t do that!“ is what I hear from all continents when I send out that message. And then the question, „but what will you be doing?“

have a feeling of pure joy when I see that my endeavors had the right effect, that my intention to connect us HERE and THERE by way of the magazine has fulfilled its purpose. Hundreds or even thousands of letters, e-mails and mainly literary contributions into our magazine give proof of that. For the Czech Dialogue was the first and for a long time the only magazine that conveyed a DIALOGUE between us. Even though there were and are other magazines with a similar intent published, I dare to say that its EIGHTEEN-YEAR-OLD existence is a superb and unique phenomenon. However, everything and everybody has its allocated time. The number of readers is decreasing – the elderly are leaving us for another dimension and the young ones no longer read as much. Besides that, most of our readers take frequent trips into the old country and thus have not as much need of news. Plus I would rather not even talk about the financial situation. Just simply stated, there is no money for printing.

Nonetheless, there’s still the Internet. The Czech Dialogue shall stay on the Webb Page, which shall be expanded to include more pictures, and thus shall become a living medium

will have more time for the International Czech Club activities and I’ll be able to dedicate more effort to work on the Czech Calendar and who knows, I may even finish writing the several books that I’d started. The readers in Australia well know what I’m talking about. In ten years I had not been able to complete the book about our people living there. It had been written a long time ago but I need to find a publisher. The same goes for my manuscripts about Texas, South and North America, and Canada. I would also like to publish amusing tales about my friends, their children and the Veteran automobile Praga Lady from 1938. Another book on a lighter note shall be the book I plan to call „My Family and Fauna“ which includes the atmosphere and a few episodes from the Totality years of the 50’s and so on. Another sadly amusing publication could be „From the Diary of the Publisher”. As you see, I shall not be bored. Neither do I close my mind to great ideas or even miracles. A million dollars suddenly appearing on our account? Then I could employ a smart secretary and editor so Martina Fialkova and me wouldn’t have to do everything all by ourselves, needless to explain without pay.

And so me and Martina will endeavor to squeeze into the last four remaining double issues as much interesting material as possible for you to enjoy, so you have the best memories of the printed eighteen-year-old version of the Czech Dialogue.

Eva Střížovská

Vydavatelem Českého dialogu je Mezinárodní český klub

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