Prizes Awarded To Outstanding Czech Women Abroad

11-12 2007 Aktuality English
obálka čísla

These prizes are awarded by the International Coordination Board of Czechs Abroad in cooperation with the Czech Senate Committee to reward outstanding work of Czech Women.

This year the prizes were given to:

Countess Margareta Waldsteinova- Wartenbergova (80) residing in Austria for her help during an after the floods in Moravia.

Eva Jiricna, internationally known architect, residing in England, whose work was also recognized by the American Architecture Association.

The granddaughter of Jan Antonin Bata Dolores Bata Arambasic of Brazil for her contribution to improving Czech-Brazilian relations. Her family is also trying to clear the name of her grandfather Jan Antonin Bata.

Zora Semberova (94), an outstanding choreographer and dancer who emigrated to Australia in the 1960’s.

One prize was awarded this year in memoriam.

It went to Vlasta Kalalova di Lotti, who founded in the 1930’s the “Czechoslovak Hospital” in Baghdad, Iraq.

Milena Strafeldova Translated by Marie Dolanska

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