On the negotiations to place the US Radar Base in the Czech Republic

11-12 2007 Aktuality English
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Position of the Democratic Club, No. 36

Currently, negotiations are taking place on the national and international level about the possibility of placing a US Earlywarning Radar Base in the Czech Republic. We consider this step together with the US antiballistic missile base to be built in Poland to be a logical reaction by the Democratic world to the nuclear threats coming especially from Iran and North Korea. In the future they may also originate in other countries that support terrorism or where terrorists may take over the government. We consider the unquestionable risks connected with the new US military base to be balanced by the fact that preparedness for a possible attack lowers the danger that it actually will occur. In the past aggressive wars took place when the defense against aggression was not sufficiently convincing.

We agree with proposals that this action become part of an agenda of the whole North Atlantic Alliance of which we are members. However we do not recommend that this becomes a condition for the approval of the Radar Base, as it could create a danger as a result of unnecessary delays. In addition, we believe that bilateral agreements between individual members of NATO only strengthen the Alliance.

We also consider as fully justified the demands that the government explain to the citizens all political, legal, technical, health, and other questions that are connected with the Radar Base. However as far as the demands to conduct a referendum, we believe that the construction of the Radar Base is a component of the national security and as such does not belong among decisions subject to referenda. Thus we demand that the government and the parliament make the necessary decision.

Prague June 6, 2007

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