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    Only a few days ago, I have received my copy of Czech Dialog 9/2001. This is the reason, why I am responding so late. On page 8 of the Czech Dialog - 9/2001, I have noticed an article, written by Mr. Arnošt Libický. He spoke of me, my article and -- my English.
    In deference to Mr. Arnošt Libický's preferences, I shall answer him in English.
    I have to say, I have never lived in Chicago. the only time I came close to Chicago was, when I was changing planes at the airport.
    I must confess, that I have attended only our local American university. I have never attended any American university overseas. And ... it is an undeniable fact, that every true Englishman , when pressed really hard - for they are true gentlemen, will acknowledge, that WE Americans are employing very weird version of the English language, that we do our best to butcher the nobility of the true English language.
    Mr. Arnošt Libický takes exceptions to my handling of the issues in my article and finds them wanting. I realize, all that is a direct consequence of my Czech schooling.
    To elaborate:
    During my last year of middle school, we had a teacher, who allotted a portion of his lecture time to acquaint us with details of war and world events, that Mr. Josef Paul Goebbels has intentionally omitted in his propaganda. (As a footnote; not a single pupil, not a single parent reported this to the Gestapo. This little fact makes we very proud of my birthplace.)
    What kind of education in history at secondary schools (Lyceums) were we getting under Communism; you ask?
    Just a small example. When our history professor was lecturing about the Soviet Union's emblem, he was emphatic in stating, that that emblem was nothing but a symbol of imperialism.
    When I started visiting Czech schools again, about eight years ago, I was impressed by the high quality of Czech teachers. That prompted me to plead with Czech governmental officials not to be too hasty to reform their schools, mimic the school structures of the West, and thus diminish the standing of their own.
    After reading Mr. Arnošt Libický's article I was again reminded, how powerful weapons of terrorism false accusations were in the hands of dictators. Nazism through Gestapo was using them, Communism through STB, or NKVD was using them. Since we "are equal opportunity observers", we have to mention US Senator Joseph Raymond McCarthy who was using terror of false accusations, to cover up blunders of American policy makers, who helped the Communist expansion.
    When I was sixteen, I read all the works of Plato. We have to acknowledge that Greece was the only birthplace of democracy.
    We have to admit, that Democracy is Discussion, that democracy can flourish only among honorable peoples. Too many times in history, we have witnessed, that democracy died in a corrupt society.
    EU & Charlemagne.
    In recent years, several West European leaders admired the idea of ,Unification by Sword` - Charlemagne being the poster child of European Union.
    Slavery was very profitable for the plantation owners; not so for slaves.
    ,Drang nach Osten` brought fame, fortune and power to Charlemagne. The Eastern ,Tribes` were of a very different opinion, when surveying their devastated, scorched dwellings and their plundered storage sheds.
    The Emblem of the Soviet Union was a symbol of imperialism, was a symbol of subjugation.
    The ,Charlemagne Prize` is a symbol of what? I ask.

Joseph Slovacek, USA.

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