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7-8 2007 Kultura English
obálka čísla

Dear Readers,

All of us- the editorial staff and you, the readers, are concerned about our children's relationship to the country from which we all came and which we now often visit. And also to our mother tongue that is so difficult to learn for those born abroad.

We often think about and discuss these topics - our national identity, character and humor, our beautiful language that is being more and more eroded by English expressions and by disrespectful and sloppy usage.

Therefore we decided that it would be interesting and useful to ASK OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN to TELL US about their thoughts and feelings concerning the Czech nation and language. Please, tell them about this contest and call upon them to write to us! Also have them read the Czech Dialogue and MOTIVATE them to participate! We might thus gain new and possibly younger readers and could adjust the contents of our Czech Dialogue in the future to make it more interesting and appealing to our younger generation.


Send us your story, experiences or thoughts on these topics: Czech language, my relationship to the Czech Republic, its culture, its identity. Czechs and their achievements in the world.


Since the contest is for younger readers, give us also your DATE OF BIRTH!

[Should not be earlier than 1972( inclusive)]- i.e. 35 yrs. or less.

Send 2 pages or less to the editorial office either by regular mail or by e-mail.

Deadline: December, 2007 Please write in English or in Czech.

The winner(s) will be chosen by a qualified group of judges whose names we will announce in the next issue.

The best writings will be published in the Czech Dialogue and the winners will receive prizes.

Parents And Grandparents:

Make sure the younger members of your family READ THIS AND RESPOND!

START WRITING! In the next issue we will give you more details. But you can start writing right NOW.

Your Editorial Staff

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