SVU Supports a New project on the Czech and Slovak Exile

11-12 2001 Ostatní English
obálka čísla

    The Brno-based Society for Culture and Dialogue K2001 whose chief preoccupation is drawing attention to neglected cultural, historical and social themes through exhibitions, media presentations and conferences, is currently preparing a cultural project under the title "Czech and Slovak Exile in the 20th Century". The first stage of the project should start in December 2002. Its principal aim is to introduce the theme and give it an artistic shape in the form of extensive exhibitions. Jan Kratochvíl, Chairman of the K 2001 Board, is the person responsible for the inception and organization of the project. The President of the Czech Republic Mr. Václav Havel has kindly taken over the patronage of the first part of the project in the House of Art (Dum umení) in the City of Brno. K 2001 assumes that Mr. President will also open the exhibition. The patronage of the Slovak side is in the hands of the Slovak President Mr. Rudolf Schuster. Also taking part in the project are the University Professor Josef Fisera (Legion d´Honeur), Chairman of the Czech Parliament´s Senate and historian Petr Pithart, Jirí Gruntorád of Libri Prohibiti, author Arnošt Lustig, art critic and writer Kvetoslav Chvatík, writer and playwright Jirí Kratochvíl and other distinguished personalities. A prominent part in the project is also played by the Czechoslovak Society for Arts and Sciences in America under the leadership of Miloslav Rechcigl. The project on the Czech and Slovak exile is meant for a wide audience, however, mainly for a young generation which normally does not have an opportunity to gain relevant information about the subject. Apart from extensive expositions in Brno exhibition halls there will be lectures at the Masaryk University, documentary films on the Czech Television, Radio programs, etc. The K 2001 Society should like to invite the SVU members who can contribute any information, material or contacts to help with the project and get in touch with the SVU President Miloslav Rechcigl. The K 2001 Society believes that the view of an exile is a guarantee of authenticity of the project which cannot be substituted by any interpretation of historians, who have not lived in exile. More information about the project can be found at the web site

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